LifeLite SunnyAir Full Spectrum Daylight Lamp with Negative Ion Generator (23 Watt)

Imagine lighting up your life with the comforting, energizing warmth of full spectrum daylight from the LifeLite SunnyAir Ionizer Lamp, and live healthier as it cleans the air you're breathing.

Product #: LLS23SunAir

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for product reference only.

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LifeLite SunnyAir Full Spectrum Daylight Light Bulb with Negative Ion Generator

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Product Description

LifeLite SunnyAir Ionizer Lamps: Beneficial to People, Animals and Plants!

Life a healthier, cleaner life with the LifeLite SunnyAir Ionizer Lamp, because it cleans your air as it brightens your day.

The Benefit of Negative Ions

Negative ions are organically produced by storms, waterfalls, the sea and woodland vegetation following rain showers and, among other things, these ions purify the Earth’s atmosphere. The LifeLite, too, emits negatively charged ions as it shines bright with full spectrum daylight, the LifeLite counteracts the positively charged ions contained in dust particles, tobacco smoke, odor particles, pollen, bacteria, germs, molds… etc. Because they are neutralized by the negative ions of the LifeLite, they are rendered harmless, thus purifying your air. Another benefit is the reduction of static electricity due to the presence of negatively charged ions.

Mimicking the positive feeling we get from being close to nature, near the sea, waterfalls, etc… the LifeLite improves the quality of air we breathe. The calibre of air we breathe is highly influenced by the number of ions it contains:

  • Great waterfalls: >100,000/cm³
  • Woodland / mountains: >70,000/cm³
  • By the sea: >5,000/cm³
  • Land / vegetation: >1,000 - 2,000/cm³
  • Large towns: about 200/cm³
  • Closed rooms: about 100/cm³
  • Air conditioned rooms: 0 - 25/cm³
  • Minimum necessary for a Healthy environment: 1,000 - 2,000/cm³

The higher the number of anions, the cleaner, fresher and healthier the air.

In addition to these great properties the LifeLite requires 75% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs! So save energy, while benefiting your health with the LifeLite Full Spectrum Daylight Lamp.

A Healthier Choice for People, Pets and Plants

The combination of of Full Spectrum daylight and the revolutionary anion technology within the LifeLite promotes increased health and a higher quality of life for everyone and everything, at home or at work. Designed with a special carbon brush, integrated into the socket of the lamp, negative ions are produced. This occurs using the latest technology, based on the corona discharge principle, an electrical charge which stimulates the tips of the precisely insulated fibers of the carbon brush, producing negative ions. The LifeLite Lamp is the ideal choice for rooms where the air is heavier with pollutants such as dust particles, odour, tobacco smoke and pollen; if need be, the carbon brush and the lamp can be cleaned using a soft, dry brush - just ensure that the power supply is off prior to cleaning.

Minimal Energy for Maximum Daylight and anions

LifeLite® SunnyAir lamps produce >6,000,000 negative ions per cm³, measured at a distance of 10 cm.

Ozone concentration: <0.01 ppm

How Many LifeLite's does one room need?

Generally speaking, one ionizer is sufficient for about 10 square meters of living or office space. However, where a higher level of microbial dust, or pollution may lurk - such as rooms frequented by heavy smokers, an influx of ionizers may be required - up to 4 lights per 10 square meters.

The use of a single LifeLite SunnyAir Ionizer Lamp is a sensible idea, even in larger rooms, being utilized as desk or task lighting, for a higher achievement of increased air quality with the benefit of Full Spectrum Sunlight while working, or while performing household chores.

Studies on the Effectiveness of Negative Ions in Room Air

A study by the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, in 1978 showed that the subjects were able to concentrate for longer and perform at significantly higher levels (with improvements of up to 45%) resulting from the influence of negative ions within the air.

A long-term study at the same university in 1982 showed a significant reduction (75%) in headaches and illness among employees working in a typical office environment, resulting from the influence of negative ions within the air. In this case, the concentration of negative ions was only 2,000 per cm³.

The spectrum, color temperature and color rendering of LifeLite lamps are based on those of the sun's light itself.


Manufacturer LifeLite

Power Output of LifeLite® SunnyAir Ionizer Lamps

  • LifeLite® SunnyAir lamps produce >6,000,000 negative ions per cm³, measured at a distance of 10cm
  • Ozone concentration: <0.01 ppm
  • Color Temperature: 5800K
  • Color Rendering Index(CRI): 96
LifeLite Lumen Length
23W = (~100W incandescent lamp) 1170 152 mm 60 mm
Fitting: E26 screw fitting
0.292, 0.273, 0.019/75,