Verilux HappyLight 5000 Therapy Light System Twin Pack

Struggle with low energy and a feeling of depression during the long, cold winter months? As the weather turns and we head into the darker months of the fall and winter, the amount of natural daylight available to our bodies decreases drastically, which can have an adverse affect on mood. If you suffer from the debilitating affects of SAD, FIGHT BACK with the HappyLight 5000 Full Spectrum Light Therapy System.

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Verilux HappyLight 5000  -Twin Pack

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Product Description

The HappyLight 5000 Twin Pack Full Spectrum Light Therapy System by Verilux.

If you struggle with low energy and depression during the colder, darker months of the year - you are not alone. Nearly 20% of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, with significant occurrence in Northern regions where the seasonal change is drastic, and the amount of natural light is decreased. As our bodies receive less light than they require, some of us experience adverse affects in the forms of depression and limited motivation. This change can negatively impact the way many of us function in our day to lives, but there is a safe, simple treatment that anyone can benefit from in as little as 2.5 hours a day.

The HappyLight 5000 Full Spectrum Light Therapy System from Verilux lets you bask in the full spectrum light your body needs, regardless of the time of year. Delivering up to 5000 lux of full spectrum light, the HappyLight 5000 helps ease depression, while activating your bodies natural mood enhancers. Treatment allows your body to balance its natural serotonin and melatonin levels as well, all while regulating your circadian rhythms. The HappyLight 5000 promotes healthy sleep function for easier mornings - allowing you to take charge of your life, all year long.

Boasting the prestigious 2010 ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence) platinum award for its stunning design and finishing touches, the Verilux HappyLight 5000 Full Spectrum Light Therapy System adds a beautiful accent to any decor style.

Visitors from outside of Canada can purchase this Verilux Light from our US store.

Step into the Full Spectrum Light

The HappyLight 5000 by Verilux operates like a regular table lamp. SImply plug it in, turn it on and in as little as 2.5 hours per day, you can combat Seasonal Affective Disorder with 600 lux of full spectrum light. SAD therapy is ideal, because you can engage in it while you perform enjoyable tasks, such as knitting, reading, computing, crafting and even while you complete desk work. You should be positioned approximately 18 inches from the unit at a slight angle, and before long, you will begin to notice improved energy, health and mood - naturally, without the use of drugs or artificial stimulants.

How Much Light is Enough?

Because everyone is different, we all require different levels of light treatment. The recommended daily exposure time is 2.5 hours with the HappyLight 5000 to help your body to regulate itself, while triggering a reversal of SAD symptoms. If 2.5 hours sounds like a long time, don't be concerned, because you can also split the dosage up into several shorter treatments throughout the day, to make it easier. The only catch is, you want to be sure to engage in your light therapy treatment at roughly the same time each day, this will assist your body in maintaining balanced serotonin and melatonin levels, while allowing it to regulate your natural circadian rhythm. These guidelines will ensure you get the best results from your HappyLight 5000.

The ideal time of day to use the Verilux Happylight 5000 is in the morning, 30-60 minutes after you wake. Alternatively, you should avoid using light therapy near bedtime, as the bright full spectrum stimulates the body, throwing off healthy sleep patterns.

Within a few days of exposure to your Verilux HappyLight 5000 Full Spectrum Light Therapy System, you will begin to notice positive changes to your mood and energy levels. Be sure to maintain a set schedule for your daily treatment, as this will ensure maximized results. Continued exposure to full spectrum light will help build your bodies tolerance to the darker months of the year, and once you feel a noticeable improvement to your mood and energy, you can reduce or discontinue use.

How Your Body Reacts to Light Therapy

Our bodies require light to function properly, but as the sun recedes during the fall and winter… the light we need becomes less available. By replacing that absent sunlight with a simulated full spectrum source, your bodies natural mood enhancers are boosted, promoting sharper concentration and a happy outlook on life. Without this light, many people can spiral into a depressed, listless state. Light therapy replaces the sunlight with an alternative allowing the body to absorb what it needs to nourish the soul.

Verilux is a leader in full spectrum lighting technology and the HappyLight 5000's Natural Spectrum® light balances serotonin and melatonin, while regulating circadian rhythms. This drastically combats the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, letting you take your life back.

Facts about Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • As many as 20% of the worlds population is affected with SAD.
  • SAD is more prone to areas in which the disparity between summer and winter light are great, typically Northern regions.
  • The number of female SAD sufferers out number the males by as much as 300%.
  • Identifiable symptoms of SAD include: loss of, or low energy; depression; listlessness; craving for sweets and carbohydrates are also typical, as is weight gain.
  • Some more debilitating symptoms include: problems sleeping; change in appetite or weight; loss of memory; lack of concentration; severe depression; confusion and sexual dysfunction.

The Verilux HappyLight 5000 delivers full 5000 LUX Full Spectrum Light Therapy, which:
  • activates your natural mood enhancers;
  • activates 'daylight response' which stimulates the thought process and overall energy;
  • features a slim, space saving design - perfect for home, office or dorm;
Say goodbye to the debilitating effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues.

Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb for HappyLight Mini Ultra Light Therapy System


UPC 768533956118
Manufacturer Verilux

    The HappyLight 5000 Full Spectrum Light Therapy System:

  • delivers up to 5000 LUX of full spectrum light
  • shines an even, natural light, activating your body’s own energy enhancers to make you more alert and productive
  • features a compact size for lightweight, easy portability
  • glows with an energy-efficient, cool-burning 36-Watt 10,000-hour bulb producing 300 Watts of natural spectrum light
  • has a convenient high/low switch adjust according to your personal preference
  • boasts best-in-class power system with electronic ballast and patented Flicker Elimination Technology™ assuring no-buzz operation and instant-on, flicker-free illumination
  • arrives pre assembled, so it is ready to use and enjoy right out of the box
  • helps recalibrate and normalize Circadian Rhythms for a healthy night’s sleep
  • Weight and Dimensions: 2 lbs; 12"H x 3.9"W x 5.6"D
  • UL listed in United States and Canada
  • One year limited warranty
  • Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb for HappyLight 5000 Therapy System

    Research Findings:

    While correct diagnosis of SAD has become more commonplace, the actual treatment of the disorder is an area in which both Doctors and SAD sufferers require more education. Medication can be helpful, but so many physicians are way too quick to prescribe anti-depressants to deal with issues that can ultimately benefit from alternative therapies, by addressing the actual cause of the problem. In the case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the problem is that the amount of sunlight is significantly reduced, which decreases the amount of light that our body's are able to absorb. Knowing this… doesn't it make more sense to consider light therapy as a probable treatment?


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