Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light

Wake up the way nature intended, to the rising light of the Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up LIght. The Rise and Shine features gradually dimming or increasing light, making it an effective dusk simulator as well as a wake up light. Mixed with your choice of softly amplifying, serene sounds, Verilux helps get your morning started right by assisting in the alignment of the body's natural circadian rhythms, regulating normal sleeping and waking patterns

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Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light

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Product Description

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Wake up and fall asleep the way nature intended, to the warming glow of the sun with the Rise & Shine by Verilux

Rise and shine with the warmth of the sun, everyday with Verilux. The Rise and Shine Wake Up Light uses a progressively increasing light mixed with ambient sound to naturally wake you from your sleep. Eliminating the need for the harsh sounds of a conventional alarm clock. The Rise and Shine LIght promotes healthy sleep patterns, by helping to regulate circadian rhythms within the body, which is fundamental in the restoration of positive sleep and waking cycles. Verilux has constructed the Rise and Shine with a 15 minute wake up program, which allows you to become fully awake and alert in a much more natural manner.

The gently rising sun can be accompanied with one of 4 built in, spa quality sounds or, if you prefer to wake up to your favourite music or news station, it is equipped with a high quality FM radio. Any sound option you choose it slowly introduced into your morning as it creeps in with the increasing light of the lamp. But, not only is the Rise and Shine Light a powerful wake up tool, it is also an effective dusk simulator with its variety of sleep modes. Choose from 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute periods, in which the light will gradually fade out as you fall asleep, as though you were setting with the sun.

The Rise and Shine by Verilux is conveniently equipped with dual alarms and a snooze setting that ranges over 20 levels of brightness, enabling this versatile product to gently coax you from your slumber. The subtle increase in light promotes a healthy, natural nights sleep, which allows your body to wake revitalized and ready to face the day. Fitting in to nearly any decor, the Rise and Shine Wake Up Light by Verilux is finished in an attractive ivory colour and is adorned by a clean, linen shade. Constructed with convenience and versatility in mind, it measures in at 12” x 9” x 6” weighs in at a only 2.4 lbs, making the Rise and Shine Wake Up Light ideal for use at home or on the road.

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Key Features

  • 15 minute wake-up program
  • Progressively brightening light prior to waking
  • Natural spa soundscapes: Songbird Serenade, Ocean Rhythms, Pond Life Harmony, Streamside Melodies
  • Sleep mode, which gradually dims the light over a 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute period of time
  • High quality FM radio sound system
  • Dual alarms and 20 levels of brightness snooze feature
  • One year limited warranty


UPC 768533941169
Manufacturer Verilux
  • Product Dimensions (L x H x W): 8.75” x 12” x 6.75” / 22.2cm x 30cm x 17.1cm
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs / 1.18 kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plug Type: Polarized Type A style plug
  • Power Cord Length: 72” (6 Feet) / 182.9cm (1.83m)
  • Bulb: Incandescent (60W)
  • One year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

  1. this is worth every penny! Review by refreshed and awake

    I have bipolar disorder and this is a wonderful way to start my day. My bedroom is kept dark all year so I can use the rise and shine clock to regulate my sleep schedule throughout the year. The light starts off very low and gradually increases in intensity, which is great, but when the snooze is used and the light comes back on, it quickly increases intensity. I have opted to use the radio to wake up to as each of the sounds are not natural, and the birds repeat the short and annoying chirp sequence repeatedly. As a suggestion, it would be much nicer to listen to a recording of real birds in the forest or have the choice to use my own sounds. The other 3 sounds are also unnatural and were never used as a wake-up. A real recording would be nice for them as well. I really like the dual alarm feature. I use the first one with light only and the second one is set to come on immediately after the first one shuts off and is used with the radio as well. I really like the feature of being able to start the radio off quietly and it also slowly increases to the max volume I choose. It would be nice if the alarm light would stay on until I shut it off. I would recommend this product to anyone who wakes up to morning light and would prefer a peaceful wake-up instead of the jarring jolt of an alarm in the dead of winter. (Posted on 12/12/11)

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